Crimtech offers a complete compliment of manufacturing and fabrication services, all in-house at our Red Deer facility. The biggest advantages to our customers are easier control of their project, enhanced quality assurance, and schedule certainty.

Pipe Fabrication

Crimtech’s pipe fabrication capabilities include carbon steel and stainless steel of all diameters and wall thicknesses. Our extensive library of ASME and CSA Z662 welding procedures allows us the flexibility to choose the most efficient welding process to complete the work.

The welding of pressure retaining components; as defined in CSA B51 Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Pressure Piping Code or the ASME B31 Codes; and pipeline assemblies as defined in CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems; is completed by a certified B Pressure Welder.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Crimtech offers a wide range of structural fabrication services. Our capabilities and experience includes large skids, industrial and commercial structures, platforms, ladders, stairs, pipe supports, and miscellaneous accessories.

Crimtech is a certified CSA Standard W47.1, Division 2 structural steel fabrication shop. Our CSA library of welding procedures allows us to complete both carbon steel and stainless steel projects.

Sandblast, Coating, and Painting

Crimtech’s unique advantage to our Clients is that we have our own sandblast, coating, & painting shops on the same site as our fabrication shops. This equates to a single source for fabrication and coating which removes the coordination of these activities from the Client to Crimtech. Our application capabilities include both above ground and below ground coatings. This is extremely beneficial for both our facility and pipeline Clients.

The application of industrial coating materials are in accordance with the requirements established by The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) for above ground coating and the requirements of CSA Standard Z245.30 for below ground coating by NACE certified applicators.

Pipefitting and Mechanical Assembly

The mechanical assembly of pressure piping and equipment is completed by a team of skilled Journeyman Pipefitters dedicated to quality workmanship. We pride ourselves in achieving the exacting “tie-in” tolerances required of each project.

Instrumentation and Electrical

We offer the complete in-house integration of instrumentation and electrical equipment into any package, skid or module.

The installation of electrical equipment is completed by skilled Journeyman Electricians. Electrical services include equipment installation, junction box wiring, and conduit or cabling installed as per the Canadian Electrical Code. Once complete our work goes through a rigorous FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) QA process that ensures the final installation is totally functional before it goes to site.

The installation of instrumentation equipment and control or process tubing systems is completed by manufacturer certified technicians. All installations are conducted under Crimtech’s ABSA registered Certificate of Authorization Permit. We also have proven safe work procedures to conduct pneumatic pressure tests up to 2200 psi.

Yard Construction

Crimtech has plenty of yard space for year round construction and assembly of packages and modules. This all-weather yard is at the same location of the main fabrication and coating shops providing a seamless flow of assemblies into the final unit.

Vessel Fabrication and Repairs

We have been manufacturing small to large vessels since 1996. Our vast collection of designs (Canadian Registration Numbers, CRNs) over the years means we probably have a vessel configuration that will match your needs.

Crimtech is certified by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) to fabricate and repair pressure vessels. In addition, Crimtech is also certified with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to build category “U” pressure vessels.


Crimtech can supply self-framing or thermal panel buildings, including the electrical and HVAC system. Working closely with our strategic partners we ensure that all buildings meet the requirements of the Client Specifications, CSA A660 Standard, and the building code of the site jurisdiction.

Control Panel Assembly

Crimtech has a long history of panel design and fabrication rooted in being one of original pioneers of web based SCADA. Our in-house experience in designing communication, control, and power panels to be functional in Canada’s harsh winter results in hassle free operations. Clients benefit knowing that one fabricator can look after all of their needs from flange to junction box.

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