Pipeline Sectioning Valves, Pipe Bends, Launcher & Receiver Traps

Pipeline Sectioning Valves, Pipe Bends, Launcher & Receiver Traps

Location: Northern Courier Pipeline, AB

Client: TransCanada Pipelines

The Northern Courier Pipeline transports hot bitumen and diluent blend through a 90 km 24 inch insulated pipeline.  Crimtech was selected to build the fabricated pipeline assemblies because of our long standing relationship with TransCanada and our previous bitumen pipeline experience on the Suncor Firebag project.

Scope of work included the fabrication of (9) 24 inch Isolation Sectioning Valve assemblies, (6) 5D field bends, and one set of 30 inch by 24 inch pig launcher and receiver barrels. Responsibilities included valve assembly welding, pressure testing, NDE, and the electrical installation of Mineral Insulated Heating Cables.  In addition, Crimtech worked closely with the insulation company to fabricate custom heat trace and insulation structural assemblies that welded directly to the pipeline to easily facilitate the 85mm thick polyurethane insulating process.

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